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Automation Consultant
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JC Automation is a Consulting Firm, focused in the life sciences sector. We are committed to provide superior Information Technology, Regulatory Compliance and Automation services through our skilled motivated workforce and highly developed teamwork structure ("HD Teamwork"). The Automation Analyst is assigned to support process control systems in order to optimize efficiency and effectiveness of both systems and process operations for our customers. II. Tasks and Responsibilities: 1. Develop or support construction projects. 2. Identify, manage, and implement customer’s manufacturing process improvements through modification of compounding automation and controls systems. 3. Monitor various process control systems functionality; perform replacements or restorations as needed. 4. Perform diagnostic exercises including software/hardware data and performance data to assist in root cause analysis when process control problems arise. 5. Participate in the design, develop, programming, test new control systems and manufacturing processes. 6. Ensures various process control systems are continuously monitored and opportunities for system optimization are identified and pursued. 7. Provides sound technical expertise as required to the planning and accomplishment of capital projects requiring system support and integration for implementation.

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